Rugged Deer Resistant Perennials


9 Simple Steps to Successful Rugged Deer Resistant Perennials

While you’re preparing the hole, let the roots soak in a container of warm water

Step 1: Choose a location that receives full to part sun.
Step 2: Amend heavy soil if necessary with peat moss and compost.
Step 3: Water the soil mixture.
Step 4: Dig a hole wide enough to easily spread the roots and at least 20 cm (8” deep).

You’re now ready to plant

Step 5: Fill half of the hole with the prepared soil mixture.
Step 6: Place the roots and/ or bulbs at the depth noted on the label of the package.
Step 7: Fill in the hole and thoroughly water.

After Care

Step 8: Continue to water and disbud any faded blooms throughout the summer season.
Step 9: In the fall or early spring remove the faded leaves and debris from last years growth.


Additional Tips:

Store in a cool, dry place until Planting.


  • Rudbeckia ‘Herbstonne’ (x3)
  • Paeonia red (peony) (x2)
  • Dicentra spectabilis (x3)
  • Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ (x15)
  • Liatris spicata (blazing star) (x20)
  • Iris Siberica ‘Butter and Sugar’ (x3)
  • Geranium blue (cranesbill) (x3)
  • Hemerocallis red (x3)
  • Astilbe pink (x3)
  • Convallaria (Lily of the Valley) (x15)

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